02 March 2011

Coathangers and old shampoo bottles

Our little man has just discovered NOISY toys.  Toys with sounds, actions, flashing lights, you name it.

For a split second we wondered if we should feel  parental guilt that to date, despite some really lovely wooden and other toys, he's played enthusiastically with bowls and wooden spoons in the kitchen, battery operated toothbrushes and an empty orange shampoo bottle in the bathroom - not to mention the squeegee and the bottles of his baby wash and bubbles.   Oh, and the labels on the brand new toys we buy, those are always a hit - often more so than the toy itself in the end.

Now he's in a playroom heaven with toys of all kinds that make buzzing, roaring, dinging and tinkling sounds and ones that he can walk with, or slide across, or push things in the top until they make their way from dizzying (baby) heights down to the bottom again, with all sorts of clatter.  

And of course the Jack Russell competes by singing and madly dashing around.  He only stops to sniff a nappy or lick a wee face.

So we'll be buying some new toys that make music and that can be 'sussed' out with buttons to push and gadgets to negotiate.  But I'll always secretly prefer the Plan toys. (most magnificent, and with such a lovely feel to them)


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