16 October 2010

Sleepless nights!

Chickie's latest talent is pulling herself to standing on anything she can, and her favourite time to practice this is of course, at night, when she should be sleeping. Needless to say, we have had a number of sleepless nights of late, rescuing Chickie from all sorts of predicaments in her cot. Half the time she is fast asleep and not even aware that she is standing up or doing head stands, or whatever other crazy moves she can think of.  So I sit here rather bleary eyed, trying to wake myself up enough to tackle my quarterly tax stuff that needs doing.

Right, I now have another coffee on the go, having had to get up to take delivery of our new outdoor furniture which has just arrived. Things are finally progressing outside. The pool should be finished within the next couple of weeks, and they begin work on our front wall next week some time. We've planted 3/4 of the plants in our garden (the rest are waiting on the front wall to go in). We've bought a BBQ - now we just need the weather to improve! It is freezing cold today with gale force winds. Miserable to say the least!

 My other news is that I have agreed to resume one day of work a week next year. When I left work I handed over some clients at a private school to a friend who is now expecting bubs number two, so she is handing them back over. I must admit I have mixed feelings! On the one hand I am horrified at the thought of leaving my baby (who by then will be over one year old) however she will be with her dad for the day, so the two of them will love having some special time together. Then on the other hand I am excited at the prospect of doing something for intellectual stimulation and of course, will be very nice to earn the extra cash too. Then on the other hand (just how many hands do I have) I think OMG why on earth do I want to do that job again (I was never mad about it in the first place) and then on the other hand, I think I really do want to keep my foot in the door and not throw away my entire career that I have worked so hard at over the years. My husband will tell you that I just think too much. I should be more like a man, less thinking more action. Mmm, anyway, I have comitted myself to the work now so shall see how things pan out!

Right, off to tackle the tax now. Big BLAH! How cumbersome.

Love to all you Chicks, hope you have been having fun and not working too hard. Wish  I could have been over there in Greece with you all this last week. Once you know your plans Arabella we have to make a definitive plan for us to come and visit you somewhere next year!



Tina W. said...

Well well, and active little bean! Hope it calms down soon. great news on the work front, you'll slot back in beautifully no doubt when the time comes. Just think positively about it and you'll find it works out just as you hope.

ChickieChirps said...

Young chickie sounds a lot like her mother... chatting and playing in her sleep!
Work should be much more enjoyable this time round with less of the stress and pressure of last time.
It would be great for you guys to visit! We will have something to look forward to for next year : )