01 October 2010

The best laid plans of mice and men...

Mmmm... well, it doesn't seem as though our 'big girl' is going to be having her tonsils removed tomorrow.  She has impetigo and is being treated with drugs for it.  She's been very run down with a bad cold just lately and I don't suppose her immune system was able to fight off the germs.  We're only hoping that our little chap doesn't get it too! 

They're both fast asleep.  A little person lay next to Granny while I read a book to her until her eyes went droopy and she turned over to cuddle in for a sleep.  So precious.  Now she's snoring a treat... those adenoids are definitely in dire need of removal.  Next week, it would seem.

It's interesting to watch the interaction between these two little chickadees.  Little brother adores his big sister and calls her longingly when he can't see her.  She's sweet with him, but he is (after all) her little brother and he's a bit of a bother when he wants to take away her toys. He totters about with hands held high and is just too cute to watch as he shuffles around the obstacles in his path.  Conversely, he is an absolute terror on these steep stairs and we have to be sure to shut the gates tightly or he's up (and if possible down) as fast as lightning.

He loves to sing and dance and happily sings along with his mad granny as we try to remember the sequences from his gym and music classes.  Heads, shoulders, kneees and toes... there she goes.  Wind the bobbin up, wind the bobbin up, pull! pull! pull!  with lots of delighted cackling filling any quiet spaces.

He's got quite used to me by now and is happy for me to pick him up from his night's sleep.  He indicates the procedures I should follow.  Points to the change table and the cupboard where the nappies are, points to the cream, pulls at his grobag and then points to the ground.  Down granny.  Then, he's off to play while I get his morning bottle.  I love the quiet times with the littlies.  His mommy and daddy don't exactly get to sleep in peace through all of this, but I do think the little bit of extra lie in time they do get helps a little.

Big sister is sleeping well now.  Sleeps until at least 7 most days and later others.  She goes down to sleep well in the evenings now.  No more endless singing. 

They both love being outside and our big girl chickadee has been absolutely delighted by the bumper crop of veggies she's grown (with a little help from her parents).  She asks her mother to pick herbs from the garden for her food and happily eats them on everything. Basil, parsley, the works.

Thank goodness the rain stopped for a while today.  We have washing outside, knowing full well it will not get totally dry, but it does help just a little.  It's not at all cold today.

Oh, the pink tutu was a huge hit!  I'll have to take a photo before I go.

April Blackbird

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ChickieChirps said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time there! Hope the biggest chickadee gets better asap so she can have those tonsils and adenoids seen to.