30 September 2010

My baby is mobile!

Well, Chickie is now in full motion, crawling like a little one possessed with a great desire to see and experience all that is out there. She is also trying to pull to standing on anything that she can, but can't quite make it to full extension yet. This morning we went to Mothers group at the local park (it was the most glorious sunny day here today). Of course, someone dressed Chickie in her usual cute little clothes, today they were all white. Past tense, I don't think any amount of Napisan is ever going to get them white again! Turns out Chickie is no longer content to sit demurely on the blanket ... she crawled everywhere:-  through the wet grass, in the flower beds, the mud. She tried to eat everything she could ... sticks, grass, stones, the other children's food and toys. She licked the grass, all the pram wheels in her vicinity and everyones blankets. Turns out, in addition to being curious, she is in fact quite the hooligan! Chickie took toys off the other kids, pulled their hair, pushed quite a few around and was in general rather boisterous.  I didn't know whether to laugh, be hugely embarrassed at her behaviour or just take her home!  I kept reminding myself that soon all the other little ones will be crawling too and then their mums will be able to relate to my situation (there were quite a few dirty looks my way as Chickie wrestled toys and food off the babies). Needless to say, Chickie has now passed out in her cot and I think mum might need to go have a nap too. Either that or a stiff drink. 
ps: she is ever so cute though!


ChickieChirps said...

Hmm. I'm starting to see a boisterous, yelling side of my chick too... goodness, I wonder how this kind of behaviour will translate culturally!
All little people go through experimental phases of testing the boundaries - she'll be divine, and with spirit!
PS I had a quick flash of this tendonitis/ sore wrist kind of pain when Noah was about 4 months old and tried the following stretches which worked and it went away the next day.


To the person who got tendonitis from picking up a child: When I got this from picking up a 6 month old baby I was referred to Dr. Reiley of the Berkeley Orthopaedic Medical Group who said this was caused by overuse of one set of muscles and he prescribed an exercise to develop the other set. Bend the wrist up as far as it will go, and stretch your thumb and pinky in opposite directions, separating fingers as far as possible, and hold. Repeat frequently. He didn't rule out injections if the problem didn't go away, but this exercise took care of it for me. Xanthippe

Also interesting to see other comments on this link:

Bookie bird

ChickieChirps said...

Tee hee! She sounds like she's going to be a very cute handful!


Anonymous said...

What a little character! Sounds just like another little girl I used to know...

You know what I've always said... 'no woeses need apply'.... we grow our women strong :)

April Blackbird