30 April 2010

This and that...

Well, it's Friday again.  Isn't it amazing how quickly life rushes by now that we're adults?  I so remember thinking the days were ever so long during my school holidays. I complained constantly about being 'bored' (a word my children were never allowed to use!). There were never enough books to read at home and our local library had such a lousy selection that it wasn't worth the long walk down there.

Today, I watch in horror as the days and weeks flash by!  Never mind the hours.  There is never enough time in any one day to get everything done anymore. I now have a multitude of unread books lining my bookshelves.  How things have changed!

Oh well, I'd better get on with that 'to do' list. It will soon be time to begin cooking.    

It's cold and wet here.  So cold it woke us during the night.  I must remember to get out our winter blanket tonight.

Enjoy your weekend!

April Blackbird

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