24 April 2010

All good things must come to an end...

We've been making a meal out of the extra time we've had with our Palma Chicks.  Now it's time to say 'goodbye' again... 

They'll be at the airport for a 6am departure tomorrow and a very, very long flight back via Athens and Madrid.  It won't be their first (or their last) marathon trip. They have truly become a pair of intrepid travellers.

We're doing a last family BBQ tonight and we'll try to get them to sleep for a few hours... 

Our house is going to be awfully quiet again tomorrow this time. I never had much patience with people who moaned about 'empty nests'... doesn't life have a wonderful way of teaching empathy?

All of which is just my way of saying that we've so enjoyed their company and we'll miss them despite the fact that we're so very grateful for all the wonderful opportunities they've created for themselves.  We wouldn't have it any other way and we'll work hard towards saving for the next family get-together which we're planning for February 2011.

Travel safe, family and thank you for this very special time together.

April Blackbird.

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