04 January 2011

The love padlocks in Prague

Well a few days on from our trip to Prague and both my husband and I have managed to catch colds.... probably from the aeroplane or the airports on the way home.  Luckily we don't feel too too bad... just sore throats and coughs.

April Blackbird asked about the picture of the padlocks on the rails of the bridge in Prague from my post here and I remembered that I overheard a tour guide saying something about them representing undying love and that the locks in Prague had only started appearing about a year ago.  

I Googled the locks on the bridge in Prague and it turns out that there are bridges decorated like this all around the world where sweethearts have symbolised their undying love with a padlock on a public fixture and thrown away the key!  

There is an interesting article about it on Wikipedia here that lists a few places around the world where you will find similar symbolic lock sites.

Here are some more pics from that little bridge in Prague...

Pretty cool huh?!

Arabella Chickie in Lavrio Greece


Anonymous said...

Extremely cool and oh, so very romantic!

Reminds me of another lock and key on some very special day not that long ago.


ChickieChirps said...

This is so romantic. Thank you for sharing this unusual little tradition!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Photos.. My fiancée and I put a lock there in summer 2009 and now we know its still there :) ... there are a lot more now..