11 January 2011

A little light card-making

Oh, my goodness - she blogs!  Sorry for my absence, I've had my most gorgeous folks-in-law staying and we've been exploring beautiful Winter Greece and spending loads of time teaching our young chick so many new things.  I am slightly bleak about their departure on Thursday!  Though it will be great to get back into a routine of sorts and continue settling into Greece, our chick has so enjoyed having all the attention and entertainment and I'm sure has come ahead in leaps and bounds with all the extra stimulation.

I had some time to make some cards the other afternoon with my lovely friend Arabella and my M.I.L - SUCH a luxury to be able to just potter about and create.  I did cheat a wee bit and use some bits I cut out of my 2010 diary - THE most beautiful diaries of Paulo Coelho - and the most colourful pictures that simply cant' be discarded at the end of each year.

I'm hoping to submit some of the coloured cards into the comps which Arabella has told me all about and that is my afternoon goal - though there seem to be another two teeth on the way in which is causing a bit of chaos with normal nap time!

The following are a little more copic based as opposed to those benefiting from the art of Mr Coelho!

I can't recall exactly which colours I used to colour... what I do know is I'm going to become a Copic addict!

Bookie Bird 

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ChickieChirps said...

Lovely! Love those bright Paulo Coelho colours!