27 August 2010

Time to make your Christmas Mince

This is Granny Sybil's recipe for Christmas Mince.  It's absolutely delicious and well worth the effort and time spent making it.

You're going to need spotlessly clean, sterilized, preferably glass bottles.  Get them ready first.

500g currants
500g seedless raisins (large)
500g sultanas
250g mixed peel
500g apples (weighed, peeled and cored)
500g castor sugar
250g butter
1/2 glass brandy

Wash and clean and dry fruit the day before making.
Mince all fruit together.
Add castor sugar.
Stir well.
Leave overnight.
Add melted butter and the brandy.
Mix well.
Bottle.  Don't forget to seal your tops well.
Make at least 3 weeks before needed.

Homemade Christmas Mince, beautifully labelled and 'capped' makes a fabulous Christmas present.

April Blackbird

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