20 August 2010


There are so many 'bugs' floating around that I suppose I shouldn't wonder that I finally managed to catch one. Nothing major, definitely not the pneumonia type thing that has laid so many little folk so low this year.  My neighbour tells me that her ward at the North Shore Hospital is full of very sick little people battling everything type of bronchial related 'infection' possible. Which is why I'll stay away from our littlest chickadee until I'm absolutely sure this 'thing' is history.

I'm just glad to have woken up this morning, feeling more than half way normal again.

So, we visit via Skype and it never ceases to tickle me that we're able to watch our littlies grow and develop via the internet. Beats not seeing them for yonks 'cos you don't want to infect them, or they're too far away... I got a great 'goodbye' wave last night from our littlest chickadee; watched our UK littlie totter back and forth between his parents on Sunday night; heard him calling his mother (by her name) in his father's voice; heard his big sister sing a couple of beautiful songs and watched her doing her 'letter and number' books and got to view her latest art work (the kid is talented, her granny says so!).

I will soon be able to give my UK littlies a real hug... I'm off to visit them mid September.  Our 'big' chickadee is having her tonsils and adanoids out and granny is going over to lend a hand for a bit.

It's a glorious day out today and I'm seriously considering getting to that weeding that needs doing again.  I've planted a lot of groundcover out recently and once it's grown that will cut down my weeding extensively.  I just don't know why I didn't do it before now.

Arabella, I have finished knitting up that fluffy pink wool.  I'd intended it as a doll's blanket, but our littlest chickadee has taken such a fancy to her 'cuddly sheets' that I reckon I'll give it to her to use as a 'portable' doody.  I'll let her mother write about how delightful she is, we had such fun with her at Perisher.

Time to open all the windows and doors and let the fresh air and sunshine in. I love this time of year.

April Blackbird

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