30 August 2010

Monday, Monday...

The start of another week and we have to get the plumber and gas fitter out to the house.  The hot water cyclinder is leaking profusely again and two plates on the cooker top won't switch on... which isn't the worst, there's a very strong smell of gas in the cupboard under the cooker!  Not good.

I thought it might have been my imagination, but my neighbour agrees... it's definitely gas.

I suppose that's what happens when a house begins to get old. 

All that aside, it's a lovely warm(ish) day and if we do get rain it will be much later this afternoon.  So I'm continuing on with my protracted spring-clean.  Think I'll do a few inside windows/frames today. 

April Blackbird

PS:  Arabella, I have undone the connective stitching on the blanket I've been making for our littlest man.  Took your advice and have now blocked the squares and they're already looking a lot better.  What a lot of work 'undoing' it all was, but I think it'll be worthwhile in the end.  Wish I could have got more of that wool... his blanket is slightly smaller than his sisters.  Thanks for the great tip!


ChickieChirps said...

Glad some of my blogland surfing can be of help! Hope the gas leak gets fixed fast!


Anonymous said...

The gas leak was fixed, but there's definitely still a gas smell in that cupboard. The gasfitter was insistent it's not a problem! Hope he's right!

April Blackbird

PS so lovely to see you back online...