25 June 2010

The Uniform Project

Have you heard about The Uniform Project?  I heard about it a while ago and just stumbled across it again the other day.  It's a very cool charity/fashion project where one girl wore the same dress (actually she had 7 identical dresses) every day for 365 days and re-styled the look with donated accessories to have a different look every day.  This project was to raise money for the Akanksha Foundation to raise funds for uniforms and educational expenses for children living in slums in India.  

Read all about it here.  And please, please, please watch the video showing the 365 different looks with the same dress... so amazing!!!  I am in absolute awe of Sheena's styling fashion talent!

So far the project has raised $103, 253.00  and that is one fabulous dress design!

Arabella Chickie in Palma de Mallorca


Anonymous said...

Absolutely fantastic! Just goes to show what 'one' could do with a good little black dress if 'one' knew how :)

Love the project. Love her hair. Love that figure...

April Blackbird

Anonymous said...

It's fantastic! I wish I had even half that much creativity when it comes to my wardrobe! What a unique way to raise money too. I couldn't help but wonder though how many times that dress got washed over the course of the year ...
New Mum Chick