11 December 2009

Holiday Crafts and Decorations

I just found a link to 100 Holiday Craft Projects over at The Long Thread.  Just the thing to get you in the Christmas spirit!

Some random other things I think are cute for Christmas decorating include these adorable little felt ornaments from All Things Small on Etsy.

And these Monster Stockings from Crafty Robot...

These Snowman ornaments from Wandering Whimsies on Etsy.

And... these are not so Christmassy, but I love them anyway... little mushroom houses from Cocoon Designs on Etsy.

Arabella Chickie still in Italy (wishing it was Spain)

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ChickieChirps said...

What absolutely gorgeous little mushroom houses!!! Just perfect for my little faeries. I love them! The other goodies are cute, but these houses are fantastic. The remind me a bit of my pottery 'tenement' house... that now has a candle in it.

Spain isn't far off now...

April Blackbird.