15 December 2009

Ciao Brindisi!

Yay! The word has finally come through! We are allowed to leave Brindisi to make our way to Palma de Mallorca. We will be leaving around lunchtime today and stopping for more fuel along the way.

Meanwhile, on the one day that it didn't rain in Brindisi while we were here, I took a few photos. It's not such a bad place really. And there is very a pretty cathedral and courtyard

And this is why we are so keen to leave...   Here we are right on the street.  We have had people taking photos, stopping to stare, and even kids throwing things at the boat!  So far only chewing gum, Christmas baubles and firecrackers... I am just thankful no-one has decided to tag the side of the boat!

Ciao Brindisi, you will not be missed.

Arabella Chickie in Italy

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ChickieChirps said...

Beautiful city really... understand exactly what you mean about feeling vulnerable on the kerb side mooring!!! How extraordinary.

Safe passage! Looks like you've lots and lots of yummy things to eat... only the fuel issue (for the yacht) that needs addressing now.

Thinking of you.
April Blackbird and PapaChick