24 June 2012

Cloud tutorial

Hiya!  I've just posted my second ever tutorial over at the Some Odd Girl blog.... I thought maybe I should copy it here too. We are having loads of fun with the Facebook Fun Day ! I hope you haven't missed out!

Here's my tutorial:

Hello!  It’s Arabella here with a little tutorial on how I colour my clouds with copics.  I used to try to use Distress Inks and a cloud template to create clouds on my stamped images, but I’m not very good at it and I am never happy with the result I get, so I thought I would have a go at colouring clouds with my copics instead…  I haven’t looked back since!
Warning!  This post is picture heavy!  I probably should have made a video, but I haven’t done that before, so I thought I should stick to what I know!
Before we get started I wanted to share a photo of some clouds I took recently while we were out on the boat… 
You can see from the photo that although clouds are perceived as white, they have a lot of purple/grey shadows.  You can also see that the sky appears to become a more intense blue the further away from land you get.
Copic Cloud Colouring Tutorial:
I start by printing out my image (Reading Mae) and cutting it to the size I want to use on my card.  Then I grab my pencil and lightly pencil in some clouds.  

Next, I erase the clouds so that there is only a very faint pencil mark left on the page.  
TIP:  You can’t erase pencil once you have coloured over it with copics.  

Next I decide what colours to use.  For this one, I used BV20 as my darker colour and BG70 as my light colour.  I start by laying in the shadow areas on the clouds (using a flicking upwards motion from darker into lighter) with my lightest colour (BG70).  

Then I add my BV20 but don’t flick up as far as with the BG70.  You can see it’s looking quite messy now, but don’t worry as we will come back and blend it out.

Blend the darker BV20 out with the BG70 again using a flicking motion (dark to light).  At this stage I also put a little bit of shadow along the top v’s.

Now if you are happy with the blending, start adding some blue for the sky.  I used B000 at the top, coming down to B0000 and finally BG70 closer to the ground.

And here is the finished Reading Mae:

I followed the same procedure with Bicycle Kaylee, except I used different colours for the clouds and sky:

For this one I used the following colours:
Clouds: BG0000, V20
Sky: BG0000, BG10, B12 and B14
Grass: G20, YG03, YG17

I hope you liked the tutorial!  These brand new and totally awesome digital stamps will be available in the Some Odd Girl shop from Monday!



Maria Therese said...

wow your colouring is awesome sweetie!!

Unknown said...

Hi Arabella, so sorry I've not been over for ages - real life has somewhat taken over from blog at the mo, and I'm struggling to do much other than keep up with my DT comments.

Love the way you do your clouds, had never thought of drawing them in first - but then I don't think I'm artistic enough to be able to do that. Think I may well stick to my chalking.

Fab cards as always - don't think I've ever seen a card of yours that's anything less than perfect.

Sounds like you had a rough time of it - with your guests and a broken boat!! I think I'm getting a glimmer of how you feel right now - am up at 6am tomorrow to be ready for 8am to make food for 25 little 'uns. Have been making cupcakes yesterday and icing today - may well blog a pic when the dust settles.

Hopping to get by more regularly once the birthday week is gone.


PS - Don't you dare let me put you off having kiddies, life is difficult with Emily sometimes, but more often than not it is amazing, astounding and just damn wonderful!! Took us over 5 years to get her and I wouldn't trade her for anything - it's just, sometimes, I wish she would be a little less stubborn (like her daddy!) and less of a drama queen (ooops me!!!).

angelwhispers said...

Oh my goodness this is divine and a fab tutorial I really need to follow this the clouds look amazing and such a glorious background. Love Chanelle xx

Rachel Parys said...

Crap, how did I miss this!!! I need serious cloud help! I totally going to try this tutorial, wish me luck! (don't know why, but I suck with clouds!) Awesome SOG day!!! I felt like such a dork when I couldn't figure out the word for the scavenger hunt, I was looking at it waayyyy too hard. he he.

Anita said...

Great tutorial Arabella! Thanks for sharing :)

Annette Allen said...

wow these look amazing...great those clouds...

Shelby said...

Great tutorial! I'm always looking for ways to color differently than I do...I'll have to give this a shot.


Alyce Kit and Clowder said...

Awesome tutorial Arabella! WOW! I loev how you have done do you get the blues to blend so beautifully? I love the colours on the second one too :) xx

Sue said...

wow wow wow !! Thank you so much this tutorial is amazing. I have saved it on my favourites for future reference. so kind of you to share


Annie Rose said...

So cool! You are awesome. :)

Annie Rose

Pam Sparks said...

cool! love how you did the clouds! TFS!

Anonymous said...

Well done lovely girl on your tutorial. The clouds look great and you explained it really clearly. xxx
BB in greece

RiNNE said...

thanks soioo much for this! i'm gonna have to try it out!!!