01 May 2012

100 Follower Blog Candy Winner!

Hello!  Good evening!  Sorry this took me so long... we had  a lot of housework to do after work!  Then I had to go through the comments and cut out all the duplicates... so after all that, according to Mr Random Org, the lucky winner is.... 

Number 31!  That's Leah Ann Gast from The Hoosier Stamper!  Congratulations Leah Ann!  Send me an email with your delivery address and I will get the candy package sent right out to you!

Have a great evening everyone!



Anonymous said...

Поздравления счастливице! И благодарю тебя за шанс :)!

Unknown said...

Oh yeah!!! So excited!! :O) I'm looking for your email....hugs! Leah Ann Thank you soooo much!!!!

Unknown said...

Gosh! Can't find your email? Hugs! Leah Ann

Annie Rose said...

Congrats, Leah Ann! What an awesome prize. :)

Annie Rose

СВЕТЛАНА said...

Поздравляю The Hoosier Stamper!
Арабелла спасибо за шанс!!!

miumiu said...

Congrats, Leah Ann!

Мilka said...


shamraiz said...

You have outdone yourself once again! This is a masterpiece and a perfect thank you to Brother. He is a lucky Brother to be getting this and I’m sure he knows it.

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