29 March 2012

I {heart} you Mr Postman!

If you are interested in my 100 Follower Thank You blog candy, please click HERE.  (I got sick of having it as a Sticky).

Good afternoon!  Is anyone else having problems with the New Word Verification?  I keep checking my settings to find it has turned itself back on, no matter how many times I turn it off and save it!  And the new version is so hard to use!

Anyway, I got some lovely crafty mail today from Mr Postman and I thought I would show you what I got...

Firstly, I was one of the lucky winners of the recent Some Odd Girl Blog hop and I won the new Hey Kaylee set!  How cool is that?  It arrived today in the mail.  Thank you Kristy!  I can't wait to use it, but I have a few other DT commitments that I must get off my desk first.

Then, I got a delivery from The Scraprack.  They sent me an email recently advertising this cool new fancy stapler thing that has pretty staples and can stamp anywhere on your page, not just at the edges.  Of course me being the perfect consumer that I am just had to buy one!  Here it is:

Pretty cool huh?!

Anyway, that's it from me for now.  There were a few other things in the mail for me today, but these were the most exciting.  

Ciao for now!



CraftyC said...

Have fun with your new stash Arabella. Mr postman also bought me new stash to play with!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the win!


Maria Therese said...

Oh no.. I hate WW didn't know it could turn itself on.. need to go check that mine is off.. Fabby mail BTW :)

Maria Therese said...

Went to check my settings and it seemed like my WW was on too.. Oh I hate that.. turned it off at once..