07 April 2011

A little baby card

Here is a card I made for some friends here who had a little girl, Jessica Taila.  Such beautiful stamps from Mo Manning   She has some new ones up just now.

SO loved colouring this one with my copics and then using the brilliant papers that came with my friend Arabella's order recently.


I've also been packing up all sorts of packages to bring back to Europe with me, papers, stick on bits and all sorts of other non-heavy items.

In the search for these wonderful and inspiring items, I've just been an hour in the most enormous card making mecca - I was dazzled by all the stamps and the stick on things and incredible craft areas in which one could surely become lost for all time.

And they didn't provide bags at the checkout so I had to stuff all into a tiny bag I had til it was near to bursting.  All the items for the felt book I'm working on and almost finished (blog to come!)

Perhaps given my sadly lacking blog regularity, I should blog one page at a time til I'm finished!  Thoughts appreciated!

Have lovely days

Bookie Bird in Bribie Island, Queensland.


ChickieChirps said...

Lovely baby card! I hope you had fun in the huge craft shop! I think one page at a time would be a great idea for your fabulous felt fun book!


ChickieChirps said...

Thank you for your feedback! Will be posting it page by page then as a complete one when it's done. Almost finished!
And then one of us will be posting up a storm while the other is jet-setting. We miss you, our other chickie friends and hope life is beautiful for you.