14 September 2010

I won some stamps from The Greeting Farm!

We had a bad start to our week today starting with a few things wrong on board and ending with our day off tomorrow being postponed until Wednesday (which really doesn't suit me for provisioning reasons).  Imagine how much brighter my day looked when I wandered over to one of my regular blog reads (Splendid Stamping with the Greeting Farm) and found that I won the soon to be released Miss Anya Lounge stamp set!!!


That totally brightened my day!  Thanks TGF!

Arabella Chickie in Lavrio, Greece


Anonymous said...

Nice present for a deserving soul... hope the rest of your week goes a whole lot better :) - it's getting a good boost! Not everyday one wins something.

April Blackbird

ChickieChirps said...

Yay! Well done clever chickie. Sorry to hear the weeks plans are a bit messed up. I'm here to help.