09 September 2010

Desigual 's Undie Party

That's an amusing way to start my first blog in ages... sorry for the absence, but have been in the process of moving with parents, small boy and our lives in suitcases.  And here we are in Sounio to start with, with a move to Lavrio anticipated very soon when our new little home is signed over!

I'm THAT excited, as it's my first home and opportunity to nest since 2006 when I left Australia and came to Europe for my on-again, off-again seasonal-sometimes, yachting career!  Now altered greatly to a sometimes-helping-with-the-yachting-grocery-unpacking, yachting career but more of a home-based wiping-up-spilled-solids and playing-wit-toys kind of life!  A wonderful one!

I am thrilled to be here.  After so much time anticipating what Lavrio would be like, lots of descriptions and impressions, I can now start to discover for myself.  Arabella tried so hard to give me a realistic idea of what to expect and she has done me a great service.  I was prepared beautifully and think I've been pleasantly surprised by what I've found so far.   I have found it is quaint and has a lot of little stores and restaurants, and of course, I have the free time to keep discovering things that no-one working could ever have the time to do!   I've had a fabulous 12 days with my folks here during which we've wandered, tested coffee spots, taken tentative exploratory drives to locate the local sights and tried to decipher the Greek alphabet.

We found some amazing spots, guided by my friend Arabella - a little beach on one side of the point near the port with little palm frond umbrellas and lovely clear water.  A great supermarket with all kinds of great fresh Greek food, and so much more of other types of supplies, which I so didn't expect.  WONDERFUL Italian Gelato and coffee (should one desire a macchiato) at which the lovely store owners speak Greek, Italian and English - one of whom is even a teacher of Italian should we so desire! Though I think we'll have our work cut out with Greek.

We also discovered an amazing view out over the mountains, the sea and across to Lavrio, Kea and beyond, whilst one one of our aforementioned quests, this time to the Ancient Quarries.  A brilliant  drive on a white stone winding road, edged by the brilliant green of the local pines and lots of spiny bushes, designed to scratch when passing!   The ancient quarries were found, and I think would be worth a hike to, but are not so easy to see from the road.  But the VIEW!  Stunning, windy and wild, with inhospitable 'chicken-wire' bushes and dried thistles atop this little dusty plateau.

The most bemusing thing I found though last week, amongst other things; my Dad's discovery of an Orrefors Crystal and Swarovski jewellery/ crystal store in the back streets, a wonderful paediatrician for our little chick and a most amazing ornate church, was a pet store selling nothing but a couple of birds, but showcasing a strange something  ?????? outside in a cage.  The nearest thing I could find to describe it would be a coatimundi -  - also called a Brazilian weasel or coon cat?  Hmm, either way it was a large, active animal to be in such a small cage out on the footpath each day.  Looking so obviously frustrated and swinging back and forth up to a small ledge and back down.   The folk across the road told me in some confused Greek/English communication that it was not for sale and lived in its cage full time.   Or they may have told me they sell blow-up pools for 6.95.    Why do we do this to animals?

We are currently living in the hospitable Hotel Saron in which we're being looked after beautifully.  It is basic, but has a lovely little balcony overhung with bougainvillea and with a fridge and a recently purchased kettle, not to mention an I-touch and speakers, it is quite good while we wait for our new little home to be ready.  Very friendly Greek ladies to learn more Greek from as they potter in and about the place.  The language may be difficult, but the written word is even more so!

We love being here with our friends and eating good food and drinking wine with them.   How fortunate we are to be able to share this adventure!

Have happy days!



Anonymous said...

How wonderful to hear you sounding happy and relaxed... it's not a 'little thing' to move with a small child.

So enjoyed reading your post, I could just 'see' what you were talking about. Look forward to reading more of your upcoming adventures.

Keep smiling :)
April Blackbird

Anonymous said...

As for the underwear party... what an interesting marketing concept! Oh to be young and gorgeous AND uninhibited.

April Blackbird (again)... I'd forgottent to check out that link ;)

Anonymous said...

Umm .. some people just shouldn't wear their undies in public, more the blokes I'm thinking!