25 September 2010

Cot Bumpsters

Hi all you creative ones!

We have just purchased a new cot and it has rails and things my wee chickadee will not know himself with - no doubt head bumping galore after having virtually lived in a travel cot for the first 6 months of his life.   Which he's loved as it has all sorts of pretty colours and patterns, whereas his new delight from Ikea is wooden and very much unadorned.

So in doing a bit of research I came across these very clever things...

Love the idea  - wondering if this little chick with limited sewing experience, could make them successfully.  I do have a very talented and creative little friend here in Arabella Chickie, so I believe we could make them on our new semi-ok sewing machine we are looking to purchase.

As for me, I've just had 26 items of furniture arrive into an empty apartment so I'm guessing will be working hard with an allen key or three for many days!  Sewing to come.

Anyway, wanted to share them as they seem a brilliant idea.



ChickieChirps said...

They look pretty cool! And surely not too hard to make. They also look safer than the other ones I have seen that are solid padded bits that go around the inside of the cot...


Anonymous said...

Wow they look fantastic, what a great idea! We had to get a bumper for Chickie as she kept hitting her head on the bars and also getting limbs stuck through them which she found quite traumatic! April Blackbird found her a cool, breathable mesh bumper which collapses down if she stands on it. Works well, but I do rather like the look of these! NMC

Anonymous said...

Wow they look great...guess it would be ok to make them for our own babies right? It does say they are a protected design and cannot be reproduced but as long as we don't sell them, i'm sure we won't be doing anything wrong? ....i'll be making a set for my little one!