08 December 2010


I'm unfit and far too fat and last night I decided to get with the program and do something about it... so I went along to my first Zumba class and absolutely LOVED IT.

I used to do IDEA gym in SA (it's an American franchise and involved lots of dancing and toning exercise) and went as often as five times a week when I was really fit.  This is even more fun ('cos I love to dance!), not sure about the Bollywood style dancing we did as it's quite hard on the knees.

Needless to say, I ache in places I'd forgotten about. 

This is good old, contagious fun!  Have a watch.

April Blackbird


ChickieChirps said...

Yay you! Glad you had fun. I must check it out.


Anonymous said...

If you have X box you can buy a Zumba Wi m'thingy m'langy to go with it... looks like heaps of fun.


ChickieChirps said...

Dying to buy this DVD! Arabella and I decided to go to the gym and pump iron instead, with all the buff lads and ladies of Lavrio - though Zumba looks like getting a run one day soon!
Think even our little chick would enjoy the buzzy sounds and jumping about!

Bookie Bird

Anonymous said...

Seems like fun but also looks like one requires a lot of coordination! Did you see what those hips were doing!! NMC