12 December 2010

It's the small things ...

Tonight, I came home from doing the grocery shopping, and was met by my hubby in the garage who told me he had a surprise for me! How exciting!
Low and behold, he had erected the washing line for me! Now, the feminists of the world might be aghast, however I can assure you that after six months of trying to dry our washing on an assortment of clothes horses, the prospect of a washing line is just pure magic!  It was with great delight that I went out and hung up 3 loads of wet washing. Sure, it's dark out, but it might still dry.

Now I realise to many that doing the washing and grocery shopping on a Sunday night might sound appalling, and before you lambaste hubby for not hanging out said washing for me, I should mention that I'm trying to feel useful whilst hubby is out there in the dark planting the last of our trees that need to go in the ground. This is quite a momentous stage... the landscaping is nearly "finished". By finished I mean enough things are in the ground that we can get the certifier out this week, hopefully he will give us our tick of approval, and then we can get our occupational certificate. This means we can officially, legally live in our house now, or so council tell us. It also means grumpy neighbours will hopefully leave us in peace! 

So on that note, I'm going to go and hang out yet another load of washing on my 6 metres of beautiful, clean, sparkly new washing line. Hopefully there is no rain forecast. If I was a true blogger, I would add a link so you could all have a look at the type of line we have bought, but probably, no one would really be all that interested.



Anonymous said...

For those of you who do not know...

These guys have worked at this house like Trojans over the past few years. Getting the 'tick of approval' this week will most definitely warrant a bottle of special bubbly.

The house and garden are looking wonderful and I'm wishing this lovely family great happiness in their new home. And much, much nicer neighbours. Very soon. (Fortunately, it's only on the one side... the neighbours on the other two sides are really quite okay.)


ChickieChirps said...

Yay! I hope all goes well with the final inspection!


ChickieChirps said...

IT sounds like it's all coming together beautifully - well done you two!