08 November 2010

Halloween pumpkins

I'm posting this on behalf of our 'UK Chickie' who is far too busy running after her two chickadees to be able to spend time blogging at present.  We're all hoping that will change sometime soon and that she'll once again add her personal touch to this blog. 

Halloween wasn't quite the event it generally is in this household.  The eldest chickadee had just had her tonsils and adenoids removed and 'trick or treating' (amongst close friends only and with close parental supervision) was absolutely out of the question this year.  UK Chickie made a big effort to ensure the littlies didn't miss out totally and three pumpkins were duly purchased from Sainsbury's. 

I've never seen this done before and had visions of huge carving knives being used (dangerously) to etch out faces!  It wasn't the case at all.  Pumpkin carving kit to the rescue and even the littlest of hands were able to help with the task.  I looked on in admiration and stand in awe of the finished results (which I have permission to post).

The pumpkins stood outside the back door and we watched as the local squirrels wangled their way into the pumpkins... we managed to stop them eating too much of the bat, but a certain amount of re-modelling had to take place pronto.  Cheeky squirrels! They'd been eating the newly planted bulbs before that!

April Blackbird

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ChickieChirps said...

Very cool pumpkins! Pumpkin carving is so much fun!