11 February 2010

Wednesday Favourite Tutorial Links

I have had these tutorials bookmarked for a while now and I will find the time and space to make these things one day, just not today or tomorrow or the next day... or this year.  Maybe next year...

1. First up is How to Make Vintage Style Sock Monkeys from Sock (where you can also buy sock monkey kits and other patterns).  I love sock monkeys, I think they are a great idea for a cool homemade toy.  I just purchased this sock monkey from the Craft Hope for Haiti shop on Etsy...  isn't he cool?

I'm definitely going to keep my eye out for funky socks to make my own monkeys!

2. How about making some customised pillows from Design Sponge for an inexpensive change in decor...

3. Have you got some scratched old CDs in the cupboard that you were going to throw away?  Try making some bright and colourful clocks with them instead!  These would be great for kids rooms.

4. I love these felted sweater teacup pincushions from the Martha Stewart website.  I would even consider learning how to knit just to felt some fabric to make these!

5. These toadstool and mushroom houses by the Little house by the Sea in NZ are so sweet!  I love all things toadstool!

Those are just some of the tutorials I have my eye on at the moment.  I have tonnes more bookmarked, so check back next Wednesday for more.

Arabella Chickie in Palma de Mallorca

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