09 January 2010

Finally out of the water!

Yesterday was the big day!  The big travel lift rolled in and we finally got hauled out of the water.  Everything went very smoothly except for the freezing rain that we had to stand in for a few hours while we watched the process with bated breath.  I'm very glad I wasn't one of the divers though that spent about an hour in the water attaching all the lifting slings!

We were just a little bit nervous about this haul-out as this particular yacht hasn't been hauled out since it was built and because of its design, no-one was quite sure that it would all be hunky dory in the slings.  There was some discussion about the chines on the hull possibly caving in a bit due to the weight distribution on the slings, but nothing apprears to have gone wrong and we are now safely blocked up on the hardstand.  Just in time it seems because today we had a pretty big storm here in Palma (trees blown down, windows breaking etc...) and it would have been horrible to still be in the water at the dock.

I hope the weather is better elsewhere!

Arabella Chickie in Palma de Mallorca

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Anonymous said...

Looks absolutely nerve wracking. Great photos, you have a definite creative talent Arabella Chickie!