02 January 2010

Copic Blending

I finally sat down to try blending with my new Copic markers after having seen the amazing colouring the girls on the Club Anya blog do with the gorgeous stamps from The Greeting Farm.

I have the following basic colour set with me here in Spain...

but I have ordered a few more since I got these ones.   I can't wait to see them when I go back to NZ for a holiday in March!  I have been ordering my copics from SheilaOx on Etsy.    Sheila is so super helpful, she ordered me a whole lot of colours that she didn't initially have in stock.  She also has some very cute original stamp designs.

I started by just trying to blend with the colour groups I had...

Then, in the abscence of any stamping supplies I drew a wee doodle to try colouring in hair.  It actually turned out okay, but I definitely need some more practice.  I think the fringe turned out best.

I discovered that the copics tend to bleed a little bit on ordinary printer paper, so I had to thicken the outlines after I had finished colouring in to disguise that.  I also found that going back over the all the colours with the lightest colour helps the blending process along.

These are the colours I used...

They don't really look like they would blend, but they did surprisingly well. 

I love these copic markers... I'm addicted!

Arabella Chickie in Palma de Mallorca

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic job for a first timer. Love the hair.