04 November 2009

Desperate people doing desperate things that end badly!

We've had another boatload of (assumed) asylum seekers go down with few survivors!

As someone who considers herself a citizen of the world and not particularly of any one country, my heart goes out to those desperate enough to want to take such a desperate risk with the lives of those they hold so dear.

Politically, there is no simple solution to the problem of 'boat people' and I'm not going to even begin to think of going there... this post has absolutely nothing to do with politics. It has everything to do with gratitude and empathy.

I am so very grateful for the fact that we were able to move countries - safely, when and how we chose to.  I know just how fortunate we have been.  How fortunate we are... it's not something I take for granted.

My chicks roam around the world, free to live and work as they will.  We sleep soundly in our comfortable beds at night, we have food on our table and a roof over our heads. 

What would it be like to be a prisoner in your own country?  A country that has changed beyond recognition in your lifetime. A place where you and yours are no longer safe.   

Once before I watched, horrified, as a survivor mourned the loss of his entire family...  he was safe, but alone in a strange country that really didn't want him.  He was devastated beyond belief and my heart went out to him.  That was when I wrote 'Somewhere'.  It isn't a poem. It isn't good. It does express my sadness at this loss of hope.


In a room, not far from here
You sit and remember and wonder, 'why?'
How it is that all promise is now forever gone
Leaving you living, breathing, but alone

On an island of many millions of people
You stare into a future of loneliness
Remembering… once laughing
And loving, a family, with dreams and hope

Family drowned in a sea so rough
Flotsam and jetsam, with a price on their heads
Kindness, compassion, empathy - just words
How will you heal?

Will you grow hard and hate-filled?
Wanting only revenge
Is there hope for you in this new world?
Will you know love again somewhere, someday?

Can you forgive?
Perhaps you are a better man than me
You gave your all in the attempt to give your family
Education, peace, a place in the sun

When will we learn that man does not own the earth?
It is merely loaned to us
As is all about us
Can we ever truly share what isn’t ours to own?

Do you think on these things?
While you sit all alone, deep in your grief
Can you feel the love that I send you?
Is it helping you to heal?

I am sorry
That I sit, safe, inside my house
Children alive, well clothed and fed, educated and healthy
And I can do no more than send you love and healing

Surely I can make a difference?
Help people to understand
That truly, but for the Grace of God
There go I.

Sent to you with love.

April Blackbird

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