25 April 2010

Mission accomplished

Our Palma chicks are on their way back to work.

We had them at the airport by 4 this morning and there weren't very many people (which was surprising) to contend with, which was good.  They hadn't booked in online because they're travelling on mariner's tickets which have a larger baggage allowance and they needed to ensure their luggage was booked all the way through to Palma.  Which it now is. Mission accomplished.

We came home and got back into bed for another few hours.  It's been raining and the sound is very soothing.  Let's hope our Palma chicks get to have some good sleep on the plane.  Apparently, it's pretty full so there's little likelihood of them being able to stretch out anywhere.  They're 7 hours into their 14 hour leg as I type this.

Oh, by the way... New Mum Chick let me know her little one slept through the night!  Now that's progress!

April Blackbird

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